Camp Ronald McDonald®
at Eagle Lake
A Project of RMHC Northern California

Cabin Counselor

General Responsibility:

To provide care, leadership and to guide the cabin group (8-10 campers) in daily activities including program areas, campfire and meal times.

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Desire to work with campers with developmental, physical and emotional disabilities.
  • Flexibility with ability to accept supervision.
  • Ability to relate to one's peers as well as camper.
  • Emotionally mature, willing to accept responsibility.
  • Exhibit the ability to place the needs of the campers and the camp above their own.
  • Team player that can relate positively to all staff, volunteers and campers.
  • Be in good health, vitality and physical stamina.
Specific Responsibilities:
  • Live in a cabin with campers. (1 to 4 ratio)
  • Assume responsibility for leadership and guidance of those campers in daily living, with special attention to: personal hygiene and safety, camper participation in all camp activities, mealtime behavior and habits.
  • Assume responsibility for interpreting the rules, policies and traditions of the camp to the camper.
  • Serve as a good example in personal language, appearance and health habits.
  • Assume responsibility for health and welfare of campers entrusted to his or her charge.
  • Assumes all other duties and assignments deemed appropriate by the Camp Directors and Program Director.
Essential Responsibilities:
  • Be physically able to accompany the campers to any of the camp activities.
  • Be able to physically lift, pivot and transfer campers with assistance.
  • Be able to communicate verbally with campers and provide instructions.
  • Have visual ability to recognize hazards in the camp setting as well as physical symptoms of camper injury and illness.
  • Have auditory ability to respond appropriately to hazards and any camper concerns.
  • Be able to observe camper behavior in daily camp life, to respond verbally to health and safety concerns and to deal appropriately with any improper behavior.
End Results:
  • Achieve the goals and objectives of camp, in the lives of campers and in your own personal life, by operating a creative, safe and fun program.
  • Ensure that campers acquire a sincere appreciation of Camp achieving an increased sense of self-esteem related to their own creativity.
  • Make a positive affect on the life of each camper you come into contact with and strive to provide each camper with a fun and rewarding camp experience.
Reports to: Camp Directors and Program Director
Salary: $390 for dates of service
Dates of Service: August 6-13, 2015 / Training: August 4-5, 2015
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