Camp Ronald McDonald®
at Eagle Lake
A Project of RMHC Northern California

Camp Nurse

General Responsibility:

The Camp Nurse serves as the primary contact for medical issues, including illness and injury, involving campers and staff.

  • Licensed RN (preferred), MD, LVN or EMT
  • Prior experience (preferred) or desire to work with campers with developmental, physical and emotional disabilities.
  • Ability to relate to one's peers as well as camper.
  • Organized with good communication skills.
  • Possess strong leadership skills.
  • Emotionally mature, willing to accept responsibility.
  • Exhibit the ability to place the needs of the campers and the camp above their own.
  • Team player that can relate positively to all staff, volunteers and campers.
  • Be in good health, vitality and physical stamina.
Specific Responsibilities:
  • Treat camper and staff injuries and/or illness as outlined in Camp Ronald McDonald at Eagle Lake's Treatment Procedures
  • Dispense medications as prescribed by camper's physician and detailed in camper's application
  • Alert Camp Directors of any illness and/or injury requiring additional treatment needed outside of camp before action is taken (except in medical emergency situation)
  • Assume responsibility and authority for decision making regarding medical emergencies as outlined in the Camp Ronald McDonald at Eagle Lake Health Care Plan
  • Accompany any transport of a camper or staff for medical treatment outside of camp during the camp session (emergency and non-emergency)
  • Maintain accurate logs of medication dispensing and treatment of injuries/illnesses, including documented incident reports as warranted
  • Responsible for medical supplies, logs and medications stored and locked in Health Center, including inventorying and packing supplies at the end of camp session
  • Review camper medical histories prior to camp sessions as needed
  • Present medical portion of onsite volunteer orientation/training
  • Meet with Camp Directors daily to review any camper issues and specific areas of need that may arise (e.g. sunburn, constipation, fatigue etc)
  • Participate in camp activities as available given other duties
  • All other duties as assigned by Camp Directors
Essential Responsibilities:
  • Ability to communicate and work with campers of various skill levels and provide necessary instructions to campers
  • Ability to observe camper behavior, assess it appropriateness, and enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures
  • Possess the physical strength and stamina necessary to provide physical assistance to campers and maintain constant 24hr supervision of camper
End Results:
  • Achieve the goals and objectives of camp, in the lives of campers and in your own personal life, by operating a creative, safe and fun program.
  • Ensure that campers acquire a sincere appreciation of Camp achieving an increased sense of self-esteem related to their own creativity.
  • Make a positive affect on the life of each camper you come into contact with and strive to provide each camper with a fun and rewarding camp experience.
Reports to: Camp Directors
Salary: Volunteer
Dates of Service: Camp Eagle Lake:
     August 7-14, 2012
     Training: August 5-7, 2012

Lassen County Kids:
     July 1-6, 2012
     Training: July 30, 2012
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